Fill Up at Somerset Country Store

Your neighborhood self-service gas station and convenient store

Heading out of town or just doing some errands? Don't hit the road with an empty tank. Fill up with high-quality motor fuel at the Somerset Country Store conveniently located at 1804 County Street in Somerset, Massachusetts.

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High-quality gas at lower prices

At the Somerset Country Store, we offer our customers high quality gas at the best prices in the area! Lower prices do not mean a lower grade of motor fuel at the Somerset Country Store. We offer only high quality motor fuel and we guarantee:

  • Fuel that doesn't harm your engine
  • A high level of detergent additives in every grade of motor fuel offered
  • Three grades of motor fuel to selection from
  • A friendly four-pump self-service station for your convenience
  • Our fueling stations are large enough to fuel up your boats and campers as well.
  • Pre-pay at the pumps or pay inside after you've picked up some other items
    from the store

We also carry a wide selection of motor oil, windshield fluid and other automobile products for you car for your convenience. Call 508-672-8857 to learn more about the Somerset Country Store or to ask about our gas quality and prices.